I think most people would agree that things work better when they are aligned.  For example, if the front tires on your car are not aligned properly with the steering wheel, the tires will wear unevenly due to excess friction in one area and will fail much sooner than if they were in alignment.  I like this example because there is a clear central point, the steering wheel, that the tires need to be in alignment with yet they must also function on their own.  It is alignment that ensures the tires will have the longest possible usable life on the car and ensure the least amount of unnecessary friction.

Taking this metaphor to an individual, the core of you and your heart specifically is what everything else should be in alignment with in your life.  If something is out of alignment in your life, there will be friction in one or more areas as a result.  Friction will lead to frustration and unhappiness.

What is in your heart and how do you know if you are in alignment?  Last month we explored purpose and if you went through the exercises and came up with a purpose for yourself, you have the starting point for checking in on your alignment.  Think of your purpose as the steering wheel and your actions (job, relationships, hobbies etc.) are the tires on the car.  If your job does not align with your purpose for example, there will be friction and you will experience frustration.

I have been at a number of companies where my alignment was off.  However, I did not know what was wrong, I just knew I was frustrated and unhappy.  Had I done the work to better understand my purpose and check for alignment, I could have avoided a significant amount of time and energy spent being frustrated.  I probably could have avoided a few jobs all together.